Everything you need to know about our lipsticks

Everything you need to know about our lipsticks

After years of product requests from our customers, our range of Ethique lipsticks were introduced in 2022. 

Every year, there is an estimated one billion plastic lipstick tubes that end up in landfills or are discarded in the environment. Lipsticks also commonly use petrochemical or insect-derived (yes, really) colorants which don’t align with our ethical or sustainable values. Pretty devastating stuff - which is why we’ve wanted to create plastic-free lipsticks for some time.  

So, we are really stoked to announce that our Ethique Testers have had their pouts on point testing the new range and their feedback is conclusive: you will never want to use another lipstick again.

We know you will have heaps of questions about how to use them, how many shades are available and what we’ve used to make them. So, let’s get to it! 

Ethique plastic-free lipsticks

The Ethique plastic-free lipstick range has been developed by our industry leading team of women-led scientists using a unique blend of high-quality pigments and ethically sourced ingredients. The result is a range of lipsticks available in 7 highly pigmented shades that are proudly made in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Our lipsticks use a luxurious blend of plant-based oils and waxes to protect and nourish your lips while offering a long-wearing, satin-matte finish that we know you are going to love. 

Bold colors with a big impact 🌏

Our lipsticks are bright, bold, and have an even bigger impact. Made from fairly traded sustainable ingredients, every purchase helps to support farming cooperatives (predominantly women-owned) in many developing regions like Rwanda. Direct trade ensures that local growers receive a consistent income from stable pricing.   

Seven floral-inspired shades 

If there’s one thing that our team love coming up with, it’s product names. While we normally opt for fun and quirky names like Professor Curl or Pinkalicious, we wanted our brand-new range of lipsticks to have a floral theme to their names, to reflect their bold and beautiful colors. From the soft, peachy-pink Honeysuckle to the sophisticated, brick-red Dahlia, we’re confident there are shades that will suit every individual and occasion.  

What is in our lipsticks 

Our new lipsticks are completely palm-free, vegan, and formulated with nourishing oils and plant waxes. Ethically sourced, directly traded moringa seed oil cares for your pout and candelilla and carnauba waxes create a long-wearing, comfortable barrier to lock moisture in. Mica and naturally occurring mineral pigments such as iron oxide and manganese violet help achieve the versatile, pigmented shades. 

How are Ethique's lipsticks different from others? 

The most common colorants in the beauty industry are colorants known as FD&C (Food, Drugs & Cosmetics) lakes and dyes, which are pigments often derived from petrochemicals. Many red lipsticks also use a pigment called carmine (aka cochineal extract), which is made from crushed cochineal beetles. The bugs are boiled in ammonia or sodium carbonate with a concoction of other chemicals to harvest the vivid red pigment that's used as a food colorant and a pigment for the beauty industry. 

Other common ingredients of petroleum or animal origin include mineral oil, lanolin (a waxy oil harvested from the sebaceous glands of woolly animals like sheep), and beeswax. 

Can we all just agree that we don’t like the sound of any of this stuff anywhere near our lips? And in fact, why are they needed when there are so many other vegan and cruelty-free colorants available? You can rest easy knowing that none of these things or anything remotely like it will ever be found in our products, and our lipsticks are no different.   

What a real Ethique customer has said:

"I had given up buying real lipstick because of the wasteful tubes. I'm so glad to be able to add a bit of lip color and not endanger the planet. Three cheers for this little luxury."

Get the look you want 

Expect buildable color with a smooth satin finish. The options are endless! 

  • Intense color - apply directly to your lips or use a lip brush 
  • Matte finish - dab with a tissue after application 
  • Soft, diffused look - dab on using a fingertip 
  • Cheek blush - apply the desired amount with a fingertip, sponge, or application brush 

Our lipsticks are well over double the size of typical lipstick, so they will last more than twice as long!  

Top ways to use your new Lipstick 

Our lipstick all comes in plastic free, compostable packaging in a tube that is twist-less. 

Push up less than you think you will need by pushing up the base of the tube.  

You can apply our vegan lipsticks to your lips as often as needed or wanted. 

Pro tip: return the lipstick to the tube when you are done by gently tapping the bottom on a firm surface, or gently push back into the tube with the cap or fingers held flat.  

How to responsibly dispose of your Ethique lipstick tube 

All our packaging - the tubes, boxes and even the tamper seal stickers are plastic-free and home-compostable. So, once you’re done enjoying the bold color, simply rip it up (to speed up the process) and pop the tube into the compost, garden or plant pot to break down and support new growth. You can also recycle the tubes – just make sure there is as little product in them as possible.  

Do Ethique lipsticks expire? 

Most lipstick brands can last 2-5 years on the shelf, unopened. Once they are opened, their life span starts to tick over towards their expiration or best before date or their best period after opening date. But how long your lipstick lasts will depend heavily on your favorite brand and what they recommend so it’s best to check directly with them. 

When it comes to our lipsticks, they have a period after opening (PAO) of 12 months meaning once you have opened them, we recommend using the product within 12 months in order to get the best that the product has to offer. However, they are stability tested in Europe and have been deemed a shelf life of at least 36 months.  

What is your favorite pout perfect shade that you can’t wait to try? Share a snap with us on social by tagging @ethiqueworld and #EthiqueShelfie!