Lip Scrub Recipe: Sweet, Simple Gifts

Lip Scrub Recipe: Sweet, Simple Gifts

This quick and easy candy cane lip scrub recipe is delicious, scrubby, pepperminty-candy-cane-y goodness that leaves your lips smooth, soft, and ready (especially if gifted with our best-selling ultra-nourishing lip balms). You’re welcome 😄 

Not a fan of peppermint? No problem. This recipe is easily customizable so the (scent) ball is in your court. 

Most of the ingredients below can be purchased from bulk food stores to help you cut down on plastic packaging waste. We recommend using clean jars to reuse what containers you already have at home for a truly low-impact gift option. 

So, let's get on to it with this quick and easy recipe that will have everyone thinking “Is this Ethique? I love it!”. 

Quick & easy candy cane lip scrub recipe 


  • 10g Cocoa butter 
  • 10g Coconut oil OR liquid oil of choice e.g. jojoba oil 
  • 50g White sugar 
  • 0.5g Peppermint essential oil (or any other combination of essential oil)  

Optional ingredients: 

  • 0.3g vitamin e (optional - if using, add into liquid oil portion) 
  • Replace 50g of the white sugar with finely crushed candy canes 
  • Replace 50g of the white sugar with brown sugar for a finer, slightly more gentle scrub.

Other things you’ll need: 

  • Cold water 
  • Mini bottles 
  • Bowls 


  1. In a bowl, melt together the cocoa butter and coconut oil or liquid oil of choice eg jojoba oil 
  2. Once melted, add white sugar or sugary mix to the bowl. 
  3. Place bowl into a cold water bath and stir for a minute to cool, make sure it doesn’t start to get too cold – you want it to be scoopable once gifted! 
  4. To the bowl, add peppermint essential oil or any other combination of essential oil though make sure not to use more than 0.5% of essential oils in the total recipe. 
  5. Add 0.3% vitamin e. 
  6. Scoop mixture into mini bottles.  

Best before date: once made up, this lip scrub should be used within 12 months. 

And voila, you’ve hand-made candy cane lip scrubs! 

If you do try out our recipe, do me a favor and send our team an email at or let us know on Social. It’ll absolutely make our day ☺️