Ethique rewards

Join Ethique Rewards and earn points every time you shop. Then, use your points on exclusive rewards and discounts. Become a bar raiser today!

Earn Points, Shop & Redeem

Earn Points, Shop & Redeem

How it works

Sign up

Create an Ethique Rewards account and get 200 bonus points.

Earn Points

Receive points for purchases, referring friends, reviewing products, and much more! 

Redeem Points

Enjoy discounts with the points you’ve earned!

VIP tiers

Level up to earn points even faster, and gain access to even bigger perks.

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Bar Raisers Benefits

0 Points Required

  • Earn 8 points per $1 USD Spent
  • Birthday Gift: 500 Points
  • Bonus Points Events
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $30 USD

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Changemakers Benefits

Earn 1000 Points

  • Earn 9 points per $1 USD Spent
  • Birthday Gift: 1000 Points
  • Bonus Points Events
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $15 USD

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Eco Champions Benefits

Earn 3500 Points

  • Earn 10 points per $1 USD Spent
  • Birthday Gift: 2000 Points
  • Bonus Points Events
  • Free Shipping on All Orders
  • Yearly Gift

Ways to earn points


Use your accumulated points to put towards discounts on our range of plastic-free products. Learn about all of the exciting options available below!

Refer a friend

Tell your friends about Ethique Rewards & they’ll get 20% Off their first purchase while you earn 1000 points.

*You must be signed in to share referral link.


To create a loyalty program account, you will need to head to the account registration page here: or log in to your store account here:

Yes, the loyalty program is completely free to join! All you need to do is create an account on-site here so that we can tie your purchases to your loyalty account:

Earn points by signing up, sharing your birthday, engaging on socials, and making purchases. You can do so, on the rewards page under ‘Way to Earn Points’. Make sure that you are signed in to your account. See above on how to create an account.

Make sure that you are logged in to your account here: Once logged in you can view your points balance at the top of the Rewards page.

Loyalty points never expire!

Yes, you can earn points on purchases up to one month before joining the program! All purchases made before that do not qualify. To do so, create an account with the email you used in your previous purchases:

You earn the points, you keep them! Points earned can’t be transferred to another account.

Yes, you can combine your rewards with other discounts! Note, our rewards are set up as gift cards, so you can stack them.

No, purchases made with gift cards are exempt from earning points.

You need to be an Ethique rewards member before you take the quiz and at the end of the quiz have the answers sent to you via email.  

There is a prompt at the beginning of the quiz reminding you to sign up if you don’t already have an account and there is a prompt at the end of
the quiz to select “Yes, send me my results” to receive your 200 points. 

Your points will then be sent to your rewards account, please note that this may take a few minutes. 

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Our rewards program is in USD. So, if you're placing an order in CAD, your points will be converted using the current CAD to USD exchange rate. For example, if you're a Bar Raiser and you place a $10 CAD order, it will be converted to USD, and you'll earn 8 points for every $1 USD spent.

The good news is that our gift card rewards are also in USD. So, if you redeem your points for a reward and shop in CAD, the gift card will automatically convert to CAD at checkout.

Writing a text review earns a customer 200 points and this can be completed one time per month. This review can earn a bonus 50 points if it includes a picture or video of the product. Any other reviews within that month will not earn a customer points.

Customer point balances were updated according to the new earning rate. For example, if you had 100 pts, you would have seen a bump from 100 – 800. Only existing balances were taken into consideration as any points spent would have already been used towards a reward.