How to travel with shampoo bars: eco-friendly tips for the smart traveler

How to travel with shampoo bars: eco-friendly tips for the smart traveler

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Shampoo bars have gained popularity among travellers due to their convenience and environmental benefits compared to traditional liquid shampoo. These compact, solid bars are not only easy to pack but also contribute to reducing plastic waste. Ethique's shampoo bars are particularly well-suited for travel, thanks to their compact size and low-waste packaging.  


Best Ways to Pack Shampoo Bars  

 Travelling with liquid toiletries can be a nightmare – leaks, spills, and airport security restrictions can turn your dream holiday into a stressful ordeal. Simplify your travel routine by switching to solid shampoo bars and using our sleek, ultra-lightweight aluminium Travel Tin. This waterproof case is easily wipeable inside and out, without adding extra weight or bulk to your bag. The tin features a lid, self-draining tray, and base, with a drainage slope and built-in risers to ensure you get the most out of your favourite bars. It fits one full-sized shampoo and conditioner bar, or a soap bar. 

 Keeping Your Shampoo Bar Dry on the Go  

 To keep your shampoo bar dry and ready to use, it's crucial to store it properly after each use. Allow the bar to dry completely before placing it back in its container. A breathable container like our travel tin will help prevent moisture buildup, which can cause the bar to soften or dissolve prematurely. Always let the bar air dry in a well-ventilated area before storing and packing it away.  

 How to Use Shampoo Bars in Different Water Types  

 When you wash your hair with a shampoo bar, you may notice that it behaves differently depending on the water type. In areas with hard water, the bar may not lather as easily, while in soft water, it might lather more quickly. Adjust the amount of water and the pressure of the shower head to achieve the desired lather and rinse thoroughly to ensure no residue is left behind.  

 Managing Shampoo Bars in Shared Spaces  

 If you're staying in hostels, hotels, or using public showers, it's important to keep your shampoo bar clean and protected. Store it in our Shampoo & Soap Saver Bag, a biodegradable pouch perfect for extending the life of your bars. Use it to store whole bars or small pieces of solid shampoo, face cleansers, or body wash bars, keeping them dry between uses. This will not only keep your bar clean but also prevent it from picking up debris or bacteria from shared surfaces. 

 Space-Saving and Leak-Proof  

 One of the most significant advantages of shampoo bars over liquid shampoo is their compact size. They take up less space in your luggage, making them perfect for carry-on bags. Additionally, shampoo bars eliminate the risk of leaks, which can be a common nightmare with liquid toiletries.  

 TSA Compliance and Earth Conscious Travel  

Shampoo bars are airport security compliant, as they are not subject to the same liquid restrictions as traditional shampoo and conditioner. This means you can easily pack them in your carry-on luggage without worrying about size limitations. By swapping liquid products for shampoo bars, you contribute to reducing plastic waste, making your travel habits more environmentally responsible. 

Offering a convenient and space-saving alternative to traditional liquid products when travelling, shampoo bars are a game-changer. Revolutionise your routine with our bars and travel tin – solutions that allow you to explore the world with a lighter footprint and a clearer conscience.