Shampoo bars and conditioner bars for damaged hair

Struggle with split ends? Visible breakage?

Strengthen & nourish hair damaged by bleach, color, heat or chemical treatments. Soft, smooth, shiny hair is in your future!

Nurture your hair back to health with Ethique's shampoo bar for damaged hair

Embark on a journey of recovery to strengthen damaged hair with our shampoo bars. Specially formulated for hair that has seen better days, these bars are your ally in reversing the effects of damage, leaving your hair soft, and adding back moisture and shine to your hair. Ethique, a leader in plastic-free beauty solutions, offers you shampoo and conditioner bars for all hair and scalp concerns that combine efficacy with environmental stewardship. You’ll absolutely love our bars and never go back to regular shampoo.

Why Ethique’s shampoo bar for damaged hair stands out:

  • Deep repair: Infused with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil, our moisturizing shampoo bars work to restore moisture and resilience to your damaged hair,
  • Eco-conscious beauty: With every wash, you’re not just nourishing your hair; you're also contributing to a healthier planet. Our hair care, body care and skincare bars are plastic-free, promoting a low-waste lifestyle.
  • Gentle yet powerful: Free from harsh chemicals such as SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate), our bars offer a tender touch to your damaged hair while effectively cleansing and repairing with sodium cocoyl isethionate.
  • Long-lasting and economical: Say goodbye to frequent purchases. One Ethique shampoo bar lasts as long as three bottles of liquid shampoo, offering great value and reducing waste.

FAQs for Your Ethique Experience:

How do I use the shampoo bar? Wet your hair and the bar, swipe the bar directly through your hair a few times, lather up, and rinse well. Your hair feels and looks healthier after each use.

Can it be used on colored hair? Absolutely! Our shampoo bars are safe for colored and treated hair, designed to gently cleanse without stripping color.

Is it suitable for all hair types? Yes, while it’s formulated for damaged hair, our nourishing ingredients benefit all hair types, providing hydration and care.

How long does one shampoo bar last? Depending on your usage, our shampoo bars can last up to 80 washes, making them a sustainable and cost-effective option for your hair care routine.