Are Shampoo Bars Good for Hair: The Solid Truth

Are Shampoo Bars Good for Hair: The Solid Truth

Solid hair care products. You have probably heard of them, maybe even used them or perhaps you have a friend that swears by them.  

The internet and social media are brimming with facts and opinions about shampoo bars, so if you haven’t used them yourself, it might feel like it is hard to make up your mind. 

Should you believe the hype? 

Let’s tackle one of the number 1 question people have about solid shampoo bars - are they good for your hair? In short, YES! And they are good for the environment too.  

All of our soap-free shampoo bars are pH balanced, have a gentle creamy lather, rinse to a squeaky clean and don’t leave behind any residue on your hair. All of our ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free, and are pampering and foamy thanks to the surfactants derived from ethically sourced sugar and coconut.  

Our shampoo bars are gentle enough to look after your hair without affecting your beautiful salon color and won’t damage or dry out your locks.

To get started, you can try some of the shampoo bars in our super cute mini range or mini collections. You can try out some of our fabulous solid conditioner bars with the conditioner minis that are in our Discovery packs too!

What makes Ethique different? 

We’re a climate-positive company - this means that we offset more carbon than we emit, and we plant a tree for every single product purchased. Check out our forest here.  

One thing we really love about our solid bars is when they are on their last little sliver - you can still use them. You won’t need to throw them out.  

When you use one of our shampoo bars you will no longer lose handfuls of liquid shampoo down the drain as our super-concentrated bars are in it for the long haul.

We are proud at Ethique to say that when it comes to sustainability, we walk the talk.

What is an Ethique shampoo bar? 

An Ethique shampoo bar is simply a soap-free, plastic-free, and certified palm oil-free solid version of your salon-quality shampoo in a clever, concentrated bar.  

Just one of our shampoo bars is equal to three of your standard 350ml plastic liquid shampoo bottles and each bar can last you 80 washes.  That's right! 3 entire bottles.

Our shampoo bars luxuriously and gently clean you hair using surfactants - not soap - and contain no added water.

Did you know that liquid shampoos are made up of around 65% water?

You will fall in love with the silky soft, deliciously shiny feel of freshly washed hair that came from your clever little solid shampoo bar.

Ethique: How to use a solid shampoo bar


In 2012, we made our very first solid shampoo bar, Mintasy. Our range now includes 13 different solid shampoo bars for all hair concerns, textures, and goals. 

But for those who just don’t love a solid bar, we created a powder-to-liquid concentrate range for just that reason.  

Fair Trade - Where do our ingredients come from? 

Sustainability, fair trade and regenerative business values are at the heart of everything we do at Ethique.  It is not only important to us to have a product that is great for your hair, your wallet and the environment, it needs to positively impact the people we work with and contribute to the making of our products. 

So simply put, an Ethique shampoo bar offers you the ability to love you hair and live your values. Beauty without compromise.