Behind the Scenes of Ethique's B Corp Certification

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Have you ever heard of B Corp but weren't quite sure what it's all about? Don't worry; we've got you covered! 

B Corp certification is a high standard of excellence that demonstrates a company's entire social and environmental impact. The process to qualify as a B Corp is long and meticulous, and it must be renewed every three years to continually demonstrate a long-term commitment to sustainability. During these assessments, every aspect of a company's operations is thoroughly examined, gaining a clear understanding of what is being done right and, most importantly, what can be improved to ensure business practices move in the right direction. 

At Ethique, we are passionate about creating effective, ethical, and clean products that protect both people and the planet. Having a holistic approach to our social and environmental impact is fundamental for us, which is why we are incredibly proud to be a B Corp. 

But how does this affect you? As a B Corp, we are required (and happy!) to be transparent about our scores and share them publicly with our customers. This means you can see for yourself how we have been evaluated and how we compare to other brands. (Spoiler alert: We look very good 😉) Our scores in each of the B Corp categories confirm that we are on the right track. 

Let's walk you through the five categories and our scores! 



Ethique Score 9.7 / 20 

"Governance" measures the performance of our policies and practices, evaluating our mission, ethics, accountability, and transparency. It assesses how we integrate social and environmental performance into our decision-making and our level of transparency. 


Ethique Score 24.9 / 40 

"Workers" tells us how we contribute to our employees' financial, physical, professional, and social well-being. This includes everything from salary and healthcare coverage to educational opportunities. 


Ethique Score 47.1 / 100 

"Community" is the section in which we measure our engagement with the economic and social well-being of our community. Ethique deeply believes that our commitment to positive change should be demonstrated with concrete actions. That's why we donate 2% of our sales to charity, collaborating with organizations to implement environmental conservation and sustainable practices. 


Ethique Score 32.4 / 75 

"Environment" evaluates our impact on air, climate, water, land, and biodiversity. To do so, we track all emissions resulting from our structures, employees, and production processes! Our commitment to the environment is rooted in our business model. All of our products are cruelty-free and vegan, using scientifically-proven ingredients that are free from toxic components such as harsh sulfates, parabens, silicones, and artificial dyes. Additionally, all of the products we make for you are completely plastic-free (no microplastics, co-polymers, or petrochemicals). 


Ethique Score 3.7 / 5 

Finally, "Customers" helps us evaluate how we engage with you, looking at things like the quality of our products and services, if we advertise them ethically, and if we act on our community's feedback. We are so grateful for our community and the support you show us. All of your inputs are incredibly valuable, and we will always work to make the best products possible. 

These categories have been incredibly helpful for us to understand how to improve our operations in different areas of our business, but our road to an even more impactful business is in constant evolution. To raise the bar even more, B Corp is changing things up a bit. 

By the end of 2024, B Corp will have new standards that will require companies to meet specific performance requirements, which will be measured in a benchmarking system of does not meet, meets, and exceeds. We at Ethique are, of course, aiming for ‘exceeds’! 

While there are no more points, instead of Best of the World, companies will now be identified as Developing B Corp, Advanced B Corp, and Leader. Additionally, companies that are recertifying must demonstrate continuous improvement, ongoing compliance, and share progress on their plans to continue doing business better. We are excited about the new evolution of B Corp and taking our impact to the next level. 

The results we have shown so far are validation that we are heading in the right direction and that we should always work to go above and beyond. The impact we have on our community and our planet is what drives our brand, and we are thrilled to share this journey with you!