What is a Shampoo Bar: Everything You Need to Know

What is a Shampoo Bar: Everything You Need to Know

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Today we’re banishing common misconceptions about the #1 product range we’re best known for: the shampoo bar!

So, without further ado, let’s crack into it and tackle what shampoo bars and how they result in beautiful hair, without sacrificing the planet.

What is a shampoo bar?

We made our very first shampoo bar nearly nine years ago (learn more about our story). Since that very first shampoo bar, Mintasy, we have expanded our range to 13 different shampoo bars for all hair types and concerns; oily, balanced, dry, curly, coily, wavy or flat.

Put simply, an Ethique shampoo bar is a highly concentrated solid version of your favourite liquid shampoo product. A shampoo bar contains little to no water meaning you’re left with only the active ingredients. Contrast this with a liquid shampoo, which is typically 70-80% water. More water means more weight, so greater carbon emissions, plastic needed to package it and it's a waste... there is water in the shower where you use these products anyway!

A solid shampoo bar also means you don’t need to worry about liquids on planes, so when we can get back to travelling, it's even easier.

One Ethique shampoo bar =  3x 350ml (or 11.85 fl.oz) of liquid shampoo. That's over 1L (34 fl.oz) of liquid shampoo and each bar lasts over 80 washes.

Do solid shampoo bars lather? Yes!Pinkalicious solid shampoo in use

Do solid shampoo bars lather?

A constant concern from people, but a solid Ethique shampoo bar lathers beautifully and cleanses your hair – without drying it out. Just 3-4 swipes from root to tip of a solid shampoo, work the product in and you’ll find you quickly build up a lather than can rival any liquid shampoo you’ve used in the past.

Shampoo bars are long lasting

One salon quality shampoo bar can last over 80 washes which equates to 0.27c NZD per wash for a shampoo.

We recently asked our followers how long their shampoo bars had lasted and the answers were surprising! Take a look below:

How long do solid shampoo bars last

How long shampoo bars last will depend a lot on how often you shampoo, how much product you use and of course, storage. But we’ve been making and using shampoo bars for nearly a decade so read our tried-and-true top tips for making sure your shampoo bars don’t turn mushy or melt below:

“I’m worried a shampoo bar won’t be effective or work on my hair”

Everyone’s hair type is different which is why have over 13 shampoo bars. But don't take our word for it, we have undertaken extensive testing to make sure our scientifically backed formulations aren’t only good for the planet and the people who help us make them, but also your hair.  Because at the end of the day, we know that for a product to be truly sustainable, it has to work just as well (if not better) on your hair.

Here’s what people have been saying about our shampoo bars:.

Keen to #giveupthebottle and take the leap but still hesitant on just how well our shampoo bars work? Try our Hair Sampler Pack or grab a mini first. You can also read our Product Guarantee here.

“I’m worried a shampoo bar won’t be easy to use.”

Using a shampoo bar really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Swipe the shampoo directly on your wet hair, from root to tip 4-5 times (use less than you think you need).⁠
  2. Pop the bar down & massage the product through roots - it will lather!⁠
  3. Easy peasy!⁠

Pro tip: applying the bar directly to your roots is more effective than lathering between your hands. The surfactants (foamy cleansing ingredients) in the bars end up binding with the oils in the hand, rather than just the oils in your hair, so you’re pretty much washing your hands! For a thorough cleanse, apply directly to your roots.

The first couple of times that you use an Ethique shampoo bar, you may find you have to get used to it. After all, how many years have you been using liquid shampoo? But we promise that you’ll get the hang of it and in no time, will find yourself a pro and encouraging others to #giveupthebottle.

"Shampoo bars are not convenient for taking to the gym or travelling."

If Ethique were to have a middle name, it may or may not be... convenience. That’s right, convenience. Okay we're being silly but really, solid shampoo is the name of the convenience/ travelling game.

Think about it – a solid shampoo bar means you do not have to worry about:

  1. TSA liquid travel restrictions
  2. No more liquid shampoo spilling everywhere
  3. Unnecessary half empty bottles in your toiletries bag

Need we say more? Our top tip for travelling is of course to opt for our minis range. Cute little mini heart shaped versions of our bars to help you on your travels.

"Why is an Ethique shampoo bar so expensive?"

This has to be one of the top questions we get asked. But unlike other companies out there, we actually want to address this so you know how you can vote best with your dollar.

Sustainability has always been at the core of everything we do, but it’s also incredibly important to us that you don’t have to sacrifice anything. Now you’ve read a thing or two about the value of our products when it comes to how many washes or cost per wash you might get with a shampoo bar. A significant aspect of the cost of the product,comes from the ingredients we use and making sure that ingredient producers are paid fairly. And of course, our packaging is more expensive too – being cardboard you may think this is cheaper but on the contrary, it's between 16-28x more expensive. A plastic bottle can cost as little as 1c to produce (crazy, right?) but our packaging is 100% plastic-free, home-compostable and made in New Zealand from PEFC-certified paper stock from sustainably sourced forestry.

Here is a really great and concise article about our pricing transparency, so you can see how our shampoo bars do good for people and the planet.

Have any questions about our range or don’t feel like we answered your questions above? Get in touch with our team of Miracle Workers via our social channels or at  hello@ethique.com and we can help you out!