How to Use Laundry Bar Soap & Stain Remover: 6 Effective Ways

How to Use Laundry Bar Soap & Stain Remover: 6 Effective Ways

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🦸‍♀️ They say "not all heroes wear capes" and this is true of our Flash! Laundry bar and stain remover.  

We often ask ourselves... is there anything Flash! can't clean?  

From removing stains (even on carpet!), giving your white sneakers a new lease on life, cleaning dishes while camping, or our new team fav, cleaning make-up brushes - Flash! can get the job done. 

So let’s jump into it and look at the six different ways you can clean with our plastic-free Flash! laundry bar and stain remover. 

Looking for a plastic-free, eco-friendly laundry bar or stain remover for clothes? 

Meet your new best friend, Flash!  

Made with 100% biodegradable ingredients, pure essential oils and white kaolin clay, Flash works a treat to remove oils and dirt - whether it be on cotton, silk, wool or other delicates. 

To use:   

  1. Wet Flash! bar and rub directly onto wet clothing, massage lather into fabric and leave to soak.  
  2. Rinse thoroughly. 
  3. Place item into washing machine. 
  4. For extra stubborn stains, repeat steps 1 through 3. 

Pro tip! When using on delicate fabric, lather the bar between your hands first. Then apply lather to the fabric before massaging in. Don’t forget to patch test on fabric prior to using all over. 

Please note: We do not recommend using Flash in your washing machine as it has not been tested to be washing machine-safe. It does not contain anti-corrosion ingredients, which are typically corrosion-inhibitors such as silicates and phosphates. 

Use Flash! to clean make-up brushes  

Flash also works like a dream to clean make-up brushes as the kaolin clayessential oils and other naturally-derived ingredients work to break down oil and make-up.  

Use Flash! to clean white sneakers 

We’ve all been there... worn the wrong shoes to an event. Sometimes you make bad life decisions and wear your expensive white sneakers to a color run. 

You win some, and you lose some. Or, do you? 

Before you think that your pearly white sneakers could never return to their original state, think again.  

Pop a little bit of Flash on the stains, soak, wash, repeat as necessary and see the magic for yourself. Poof! stains are gone✨ 


Use Flash! to clean reusable sanitary pads and period underwear 

We’ll just let Catherine’s 5 star review do all the talking on this one! 

Use Flash! as a multi-purpose cleaning spray 

A simple bottle of white vinegar and a few bits of Flash mixed into a tablespoon of hot water works wonders – just do it on a nice day, so you can air out the house. 

I actually sprayed it on the mildew in my bathtub and left it for a few hours. I came back, sprayed on some more and found it made scrubbing far easier.  

Bonus: it didn’t make me dizzy, the way bleaches sometimes do.  


Use Flash! to clean dishes when camping  

It won’t create lots of bubbles like a typical bottle of laundry liquid, but Flash! can still break down the oils and dirt from dishes to leave them clean and ready for the next camp cook out.  

When using Flash! to wash the dishes, fill the sink or bucket with warm water, lather the bar in the water, then clean dishes as you normally would. 

Each bar is 110g so it also saves lots of room when traveling.

No liquids = no messes either. Bonus! 

Small and mighty! 

Each bar of Flash! costs $6 (USD), but it packs a punch. It’s versatile, allowing you to remove stains easily across a number of different surfaces and items around your home – or even outdoors. 

Learn more about Flash, our solid laundry and stain remover bar here. 

Have you used Flash! Before? We’d love to know what magic Flash! helped you with.  

Leave a review of our Flash laundry bar here.