Bodywash and soap

Good clean fun

Bodywash and soap have been around for a while...but not like this! Our bars lather away dirt, sweat, and oils without stripping away skin’s moisture, AND they are good for the planet! Cruelty-free, plastic-free, and a tree is planted for every bar you buy.

Body Wash Bars

Ethique solid body washes are larger and longer lasting than our cream body cleansers. The reason for that is because these bars are soap based. We have chosen our coconut and olive oil base as it makes hard, dense body wash bars which have a nice foamy lather and aren’t drying. 

Our regular body wash bars leave your skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and smelling delish!

Cream Body Wash Bars

Ethique cream body cleasers, by comparison, are more similar to our shampoo bars, than our regular body wash bars. This is because they are completely soap free and instead, are made with surfactants.

Our cream body wash bars are smaller and have a less bubbly lather but a more creamy, dense foam. 

They are made with luxurious ingredients like creamed coconut, kaolin and sugar so they are non-stripping, won’t leave you tight and itchy. Ethique solid cream body washes are more nourishing, but still cleanse away dirt and old oil.

Pair our body wash bars with our plastic-free body care range, we have body scrub bars, solid deodorants and body moisturizers.

Body Wash FAQ’s

How to use a body wash?

Wet the bodywash bar and rub directly onto damp skin, a wet washcloth or a loofah. Put the bar down. Gently massage into the skin to create a bubbly lather. Rinse with warm water.

Should you use body wash every day?

There are no rules as to how often you should use a bodywash. We recommend that you use the bars as often as needed, be it daily, or every other day.

Which body wash should I use?

We have body cleansers to suit everyone, be it soap, or soap-free, fragranced, or unscented - for everyday use. We have targeted your concerns with body cleanser bars for balanced skin, dry skin, and even for kids.

Why use body wash?

Bodywashes and cleansers are a great way of getting rid of dirt and sweat. They are also great for creating a smooth base for after-shower moisturising.

Can body wash expire?

Please refer to instructions and the period-after-opening/best before guidelines on the product’s packaging. We recommend using solid bodywash bars within 12 months of opening, but with proper storage, the bars should last well beyond their advised shelf life as they do not contain water that supports microbial growth. Our bodywash concentrates should be used up within 6 months of being made into a liquid product.