Plastic-Free Lipstick: Introducing Ethique's Range

Plastic-Free Lipstick: Introducing Ethique's Range

Get the most out of our plastic-free lipstick range!

Developing the ultimate vegan lipstick shades 

Our plastic-free lipsticks are the result of extensive research and rigorous team testing.

One of our toughest challenges was finding the right colorants to use in our lipsticks. Many of the colorants in the cosmetic industry are not vegan, nor are they ethically or sustainably sourced. 

It was easy to decide that we were not going to use ingredients like FD&C lakes and dyes (derived from coal tar and the petrochemical industry) or red cochineal pigment from crushed carmine bugs. But finding the right ingredients to give us those beautiful shades took some time. 

Beautiful colorants that come from plant-based sources like beetroot are totally gorgeous, but we find that they don’t hold up to the UV requirements and fade fast. It is also tough to mask their natural scent, which is well, earthy and often described to be unpleasant by people. 

We settled on the highest quality of ingredients that met our stringent ethical and sustainable values and standards. 

Pictured: various snapshots from our lipstick development, dating as far as 2019.  

What’s in our eco-friendly lipsticks? 

We’ve opted for colorants such as mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides and manganese violet. Oils such as organic moringa oil, sourced directly from a farming cooperative in Rwanda, provide nourishment for lips. Castor oil offers shine and longevity, and ethyl macadamiate the essential glide to make building up your perfect coverage nice and easy.  

A water-based liner to make sure your lipsticks hold their shape and a small percentage (1%) of antioxidants to make sure they last both on the shelf and when you’re carrying them in your pocket or bag. 

Our lipsticks are certified palm oil-free, strictly vegan and cruelty-free, and contain sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients through our direct trade partnerships. We’re also climate positive and we plant a tree for every order we receive on our website! We’re on a mission to plant one million trees by the end of 2022 and you can check out our rapidly growing forest here. 

Meet our 7 lipstick shades  

There are 7 beautiful shades in our range with options to complement every skin tone and color preference. 

They are all packaged in biodegradable home compostable tubes - even the tamper seal stickers and box that the lipstick comes in are suitable for home composting.  If you don’t compost at home, the tubes are also recyclable. 

We use a sustainably sourced and biodegradable water-based liner to coat our packaging. This keeps the lipstick in tip-top shape and stops it from being absorbed by the naturally porous packaging.

How to use our plastic-free lipsticks 

Our lipstick comes in plastic-free, twist-less tubes - no plastic bottoms here! 

  • Push up less than what you think you will need to by firmly pushing up the base of the tube 
  • Apply as per the desired look required - tips below 
  • Gently tap the bottom of the tube on a flat surface  to return the lipstick to the tube. 

Our lipsticks won’t dry your lips out! You can apply your Ethique lipstick as many times as you like during the day. Our eco-friendly lipsticks are nutrient-rich and made from plant-based emollient goodness for a healthy-looking pout and smooth satin finish. 

Due to the nature of the ingredients, in cooler weather, it may feel like the lipstick is tight in the tube on the first use. Give the tube a quick rub between your hands to warm it up or give it a very quick blast with a hairdryer to warm it up before applying. 

Lipstick application tips to get the look you want 

  • Apply directly to your lips or use a lip brush for an intense color finish 
  • Dab your lips gently with a tissue after application for a matte finish 
  • Apply the lipstick by dabbing & blending with a fingertip for a soft, barely-there look 
  • Use your fingertips or an application sponge or blush brush to get a rosy cheek blush. 

You can make the rules!

Tips for the perfect pout 

  • Include lip care as part of your skincare routine - read more about how to care for your lips in our Ultimate Lip Care Guide. 

  • Use lip balm as a lip care protector and hydrator at night. Our range of vegan, cruelty-free lip balms are perfect for wearing in between lipstick.  

  • Try our super popular Sugarplum tinted lip balm. 

  • Exfoliate your lips 1-2 times a week. Try our quick and easy lip scrub recipe you can make in a flash.  

Have you tried our lip scrub recipe or are you just plain loving our new lipstick range? Let us know and tag us on social!