Vegan lipsticks

Sustainability is beautiful (but lipstick doesn’t hurt!)

Ethique’s vegan lipsticks combine vibrant color with nourishing lip care thanks to our combination of mineral pigments and nutrient-rich emollients. These non-drying, cruelty-free lipsticks get their buildable colors from naturally occurring pigments such as ethical mica, manganese violet, and iron oxide. And, just like all Ethique goodies, they are completely palm-free and packaged in our signature home-compostable tubes.

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What is a lipstick?

Ethique’s cruelty free lipsticks, proudly made in Aotearoa, New Zealand, combine vibrant color with nourishing lip care. 

How to use our vegan lipsticks

Push up less than you think you’ll need. For the most intense, pigmented colour, swipe our vegan lipstick directly on to lips or apply with a lip brush. For a more matte-looking finish, blot lips with a tissue after application. For a soft, diffused look, dab on colour with a fingertip. The options are endless!


What gives our bold lipsticks their color?

Our palm oil-free lipsticks get their buildable color from naturally occurring pigments such as mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide and manganese violet. 


Are our lipsticks plastic free?

Yes! Our lipsticks are packaged in a home-compostable tube. Make the switch from your liquid lipstick to our solid plastic-free lipstick and start lowering your environmental footprint.