How Long Does a Shampoo Bar Last: Get the Facts

How Long Does a Shampoo Bar Last: Get the Facts

Making the switch to a shampoo bar from liquid shampoo can feel intimidating, we totally get it.

There are a LOT of misconceptions out there about shampoo bars. For example, one of the most asked questions that our Team of Miracle Workers receives is ‘How long does a shampoo bar last?’. This is closely followed by questions around whether a shampoo bar will cause hair loss, and if it’s safe for color treated hair.

These last two questions are nice and easy to answer! No, a shampoo bar will not cause hair loss and yes, our shampoo bars are indeed safe for color treated hair.

When it comes to how long a shampoo bar lasts, however, the answer gets a little trickier as it depends on how often you wash your hair, how much shampoo you’ll use in each wash and how you store it.

Curious to know more? Let’s get into it!

How long does an Ethique shampoo bar last?

One shampoo bar is equivalent in concentration to 3 bottles of 350ml liquid shampoo and lasts over 80 washes on average.

The number of uses is based on data collected from 4,865 Ethique customers surveyed.

Our shampoo bars are highly concentrated, so you only need to use a little bit at a time.

While a shampoo bar should last over 80 washes, some of our customers have told us their bars have lasted longer than a year, some more than two!

Amazing right?

A shampoo bar for every hair type

We’ve got a shampoo bar option for every hair type. From bars for super thick and curly locks, to scent-free options for sensitive skin, and even a shampoo bar that also works for shaving.

Shampoo bars embody sustainability and ethical practices

Our shampoo bars aren’t just long lasting, they’re good for people and the planet too.

Our products are made using regeneratively sourced ingredients. For example, our coconut oil is directly-traded and sourced from a women-led cooperative in Samoa.

All our products are packaged in plastic-free home-compostable cardboard packaging and since 2012, everyone who has raised the bar has helped us save over 30+ million bottles of plastic from going to landfill. We’re on track to save half a billion by 2030!

Let’s switch back to the bar longevity chat.

You can help your bars live their best lives for as long as possible by using these clever tips to get your bar to 80 washes or more!

The best way to store your shampoo bars to make them last longer

Storing your Ethique shampoo bars is key to making sure they last over 80 washes. Keeping them dry between uses will make all the difference in how long each bar will last.

The best part? Storage is nice and easy!

We have a range of super cute storage trays as well as an eco-friendly shampoo and soap saver bag that is made with sisal, a natural and renewable fibre from the agave plant.

The shampoo and soap saver bag is perfect for storing your shampoo bars, body wash bars and storing all of the last little bits of your bars. The shampoo and soap saver bag doubles up as an exfoliator for your bodywash bars and you can pop it into your home compost system or bury it in the garden when it is time for a new one. Just make sure to let the bag dry between uses and hash wash as needed.

Our in-shower containers can fit a standard shampoo and conditioner bar (except for our Curliosity conditioner bar as this is the same size as our shampoo bars (120g)) in side by side. The best part about our in-shower containers is the handy lid that fits on which helps to keep your bars dry and protected from any sprays of water in the shower. They are made from corn starch and bamboo and come in a range of colors.

The storage trays are self-drying and are the latest to join our clever crew. They have labels engraved on them to help you distinguish between your haircare, face and body care bars and are made of entirely natural materials. No plastic here!

The best storage solution is, of course, the one you already own

The reality is, you likely have a LOT of storage options already around your home. Our best tip? Save your money and re-use or repurpose something you already have at home. It’s a solid option to help the planet too!

Need some inspiration? Our customers love getting creative and sharing their own DIY storage hacks for their favorite Ethique bars at home. From repurposing bamboo toothbrushes into shampoo holders, jars with rubber bands, repurposing cork tops and more.

If you don’t have any of those items, you can always check out our storage solutions.

The biggest tip to help your bars stay long lasting

Keep your bars out of pools of water! Otherwise, they won’t dry out and will just become soggy and messy. If you can keep your bars out of the shower between uses, that’s even better.

How to save a mushy shampoo bar

If you have already left a shampoo bar in a puddle of water, it’s too late, there’s no hope. Juuuust kidding. It can be saved with a few handy tips on how to save a mushy shampoo bar.

How do you use a shampoo bar to make sure it lasts a long time?

Now that you’re a pro when it comes to storing your shampoo bars, how on earth do you use them?

Using a shampoo bar for the first time can feel a bit wild, but it won’t take long until you are a shampoo bar pro! And you won’t miss the handfuls of liquid shampoo that just wash away right down the drain in your shower.

The key to making sure your shampoo bar lasts over 80 washes is getting familiar with the right way to use a shampoo bar. Use just the right amount of shampoo bar and apply directly to your hair, instead of your hands. We recommend thoroughly wetting your hair (and wetting the bar too), gently swiping it just a few times from root to tip (4-5 times), then placing the bar down and building up a lather with your fingers.

Just remember that our shampoo bars are super concentrated (one bar = 3x bottles of liquid shampoo) so using the right amount of product is key to keeping your locks clean, while helping your bars last more than 80 washes. Just wait until you experience the glorious lather and silky-smooth post-wash hair for yourself.

What to do with the leftover little shampoo bar pieces

Unlike adding water to or cutting open a shampoo bottle to get the last drip out of your liquid shampoo bottle, the slivers of shampoo bars at the end can still be used. From smooshing your leftover pieces together or onto a new bar to using a shampoo saver bag, there are lots of creative ways to make sure you use every single piece.

The Ethique Guarantee

If you don't like your Ethique product, you can return it to us for a full refund - anytime!

Although we back our bars 100%, we know that trying out solid products can be new and tricky. So please try out a mini or one of our mini collection packs or take our quiz and find your perfect haircare routine.